Teeth Whitening at Home – Is it the Best Option For Your Teeth?

teeth whitening adelaideTooth bleaching or tooth whitening is a procedure that changes the colour of teeth to the desired whitening level. Tooth whitening is most often desired for cosmetic reasons and is sometimes accomplished by applying the tooth’s external or intrinsic colour to the tooth. However, teeth whitening Adelaide can also be done with an in-office procedure, or over the counter (OTC) products. It’s essential to know the differences between the two before selecting the best tooth whitening option. Check this website now.


Whitening products work by exposing the enamel of your teeth to acid. The product is used over a period of time and may result in slight discolouration of the enamel (known as staining), but the discolouration is generally mild. This is called tooth staining, and it is most commonly seen in children. The degree of staining can be adjusted with repeated treatments.


There are several ways to whiten teeth with home treatment. Toothpaste that contains fluoride is one of the easiest whitening methods, and many toothpaste products come with whitening power built-in. It’s important to remember that toothpaste isn’t a natural teeth whitener, so you’ll need a natural supplement to boost the effect. You can get a supplement that contains trichogen, which is an effective bleaching agent. Check this website now.


If you’re interested in bleaching or whitening with home remedies, you may want to try using hydrogen peroxide on your teeth, although it isn’t a proven method of whitening. Hence, it’s best to see a dentist confirm its effectiveness. There are several other home whitening kits available, and it’s important to note that some don’t work as well as others.


Teeth whitening at a cosmetic dentist is usually the only way to get a whiter smile since this type of procedure is expensive and only works on healthy teeth. Teeth whitening Adelaide is also a long and tedious process, lasting a few hours, which can make it a stressful choice. For those who have sensitive teeth, tooth whitening may be painful and uncomfortable. Although a dentist can give you a temporary whitening boost, you’ll have to avoid the procedure for six months to a year while your teeth settle. Check this website now.


Tooth bleaching has become more popular, especially with celebrities and athletes looking to enhance their looks with a bright smile. Whitening at home is easier and less expensive than ever, but still offers an effective way to brighten teeth, which lasts for years.