Important Points to Know Before Hiring the #1 Building Inspection Service

When buying or renting a property, it is a good idea to do a building inspection. It is an excellent idea to do the building inspection before buying or renting a property. This is because you can find out if the property has been built on correctly. You can also do the #1 building inspection before checking the credit history of the potential renter.

#1 building inspectionThe first thing you should do in doing the inspection is to check the roof and any doors. Check that all the windows and doors are in good condition. Be sure to check the wiring. Make sure that the plumbing is also in good condition. You can find out the history of the plumbing by asking the property owner.

Look at the electrical panels for trouble signs. If any indication of wear and tear is found, take pictures of the problems and ask for an estimate of the repairs. If the utility bill is more than $200 per month, then you should investigate further. For more information about the #1 building inspection, click here.

After you have checked the plumbing and electric, inspect the water heater for leaks and make sure the faucets and faucet blades are still in good shape. The foundation of the home is the best place to check for leaks in the walls, flooring, and crawl space. You should look for cracks, small openings, and loose mortar.

Look at the pipes and ask the property owner if there is any damage. If there is damage, then the property owner will need to have the pipes replaced. If the pipes are dry, then you can look at repairing them.

Look at the sewer pipes and ask the property owner if there is any damage. Check for rot or other damages that could be damaging to the pipes. The building inspector is the one who will tell you if the house is a hazard to the health of the homeowner.

Inspect the roof for any leaks and ensure that the roof is flat and safe. In addition, check the roof for water leaks and make sure they are not blocking any of the windows or doors. Make sure the insulation is intact and also the cabling is in good condition.

See if the smoke and fire alarms work and ensure that the alarm system is in good condition. You should also ask the property owner to examine the furnace for problems. The property owner should know how to read a gas bill, and they should be able to show you the gas meter if this is a concern. Hire the #1 building inspection service today. Click here for more details.