The Scenarios That Require the Services of a Family Lawyer

Family lawyers deal with a broad range of personal legal issues that pertain to families. Although all relationships begin with the best or even best intentions, unexpected circumstances can not only go against these plans. So it is wise always to have some knowledge about why you need the services of a family lawyer.

Child Support: This is one of the most common reasons to hire a family-lawyer Adelaide since the laws in your area governing child support payments. As such, you will need to learn about child support laws to make sure you do not end up owing too much money for your children’s care.

Alimony: Another reason to hire a lawyer is when your former spouse files for divorce and demands a large alimony payment. However, you can be awarded this amount if the marriage was never legally declared void. As such, you will need to know if you can expect to receive this amount as compensation for the cost of the children’s day-care. As a result, you will need to hire a lawyer who can guide you on this matter. If so, you can expect to receive an amount that you can live within the mind.


Custody Issues: Many disputes between parents over the custody of their children occur because one parent is unfit to care for them. In some instances, parents may also abuse each other physically during their time together. Therefore, it is wise to seek professional help from a qualified family lawyer. When this happens, it is essential to bring evidence on the grounds of abuse or neglect. This can be done by putting together a written custody agreement or sending documents and photos to the court of law.

Spousal Support: Spousal support is also one of the most common reasons for hiring a family-lawyer Adelaide because of its importance to the stability of a marriage. It is usually based on the earning capacity of the wife, which means that the husband has to prove that he is capable of making monthly payments for the wife’s support. While some states give alimony on an equal footing, many others offer different provisions depending on the situation.

Divorce and Child Support: If you and your partner are planning on getting divorced, you may want to talk to a lawyer about how you can lower the payments you both have to make on the property you both have acquired through the years of your union. In doing so, you will also be able to learn about your state’s rules on how much support is allowed for different types of assets and income.

Property Division: In some cases, you may be left with more property than you can afford to pay on. In such situations, you should talk to a family-lawyer Adelaide to know if there are ways to divide the property evenly. For instance, if you have more debt than you can pay off, then you should consider selling off some of your assets to meet your needs. In most cases, this can be a good idea since you will be able to cover all of the debts that are still left. Also, there are cases where it is easier to divide the family’s home and car and other assets equally.

Once you learn about why you need a lawyer, you should now know how to find a lawyer that will help you with the things you need in your case of divorce and child custody. As long as you discuss the issues properly with the lawyer and follow his/her advice, you will have an easy time making a good impression on the court of law.